Elementor Post Grid By Geeky Green Owl has easily customizable options to create unlimited design possibilities for your Grid Design with Elementor page builder. The Post Grid plugin is developer friendly with the option to extend the feature with filter and actions. The Elementor Post Grid plugin allows you to create the grid for any custom post types and place any WordPress Custom field, Custom taxonomy, Shortcodes and ACF custom field in it.​

Elementor Post Grid Features

  • Supports All Custom Post
  • ACF Custom field Support
  • WooCommerce Rating field
  • ACF Link Button
  • Multi Column support
  • Set Featured image as background
  • Display Shortcodes
  • Custom placement
  • Tax Query Builder
  • Trim Content
  • Actions and filter
  • WooCommerce Support
  • ACF relationship post support
  • WooCommerce Price Field
  • Featured image
  • 2 Column Layout for Single Grid
  • Control Row and column gap
  • Place HTML any where
  • Absolute positioning support
  • Taxonomy Filter
  • Place content before and after
  • Quick Support
  • Frontend sort & filter builder
  • Backend ordering and filtering
  • ACF Download Button
  • Custom Image sizing
  • Responsive Controls
  • Custom Pagination Design
  • Custom typography
  • Custom typography
  • Author filter
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Clean Coding

Here is a full featured demo. The filter box can be set collapsed mode asap. Price range ,bedrooms  location are just the taxonomies. Using sort and filter builder you may display taxonomy as list or selection . Multi selection also supported. Note the demo below is not a pre built template, It’s built from scratch without any coding. The price is ACF field. The portrait image is custom resized ACF image. View listing button takes to you post and request a call button is ACF url field. Note the alignment of these plugin. An inner field can be set to 50%/50% layout or 25%/75% layout. Along with pagination support it makes complete package for grid! 

Multi Column - Single Grid

Post Grid For Elementor
It's very easy to use a post grid builder for Elementor. Elementor post grid is a one and only post grid plugin in the market which allows you to build...
November 15, 2019 | By Geeky Green Owl
Price $48000
Elementor Post Grid
Very customizable! It supports ACF and WooCommerce which allows placing the content anywhere as you like. Place ACF image, ACF fields on your grid with ease.
November 15, 2019 | By Geeky Green Owl
Price $60000

Background image

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