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Use this block to decide the carousel control methods.

  • Carousel Width: Sets the width, recommended not change it.
  • Carousel Height: Sets the height, recommended not to change it.  if vertical slides are used then set it to a fixed ‘px’ value.
  • Center Slides: Centers the slides on the view
  • Offset before: If there is a lot of space added between slides use this to fix cutout portion
  • Offset after: If there is a lot of space added between slides use this to fix cutout portion
  • Enable Grab Cursor: Changes the arrow cursor to hand cursor
  • Enable loop: Enables the loop
  • Effect: Set the effect. Only cover flow is supported by multiple carousels. Set the slide visibility to 1 for the other effects
  • Enable Autoplay: enables the autoplay
  • Delay: Delay between transition. Smaller the value faster the transition
  • Disables the autoplay on interaction: Stops autoplay on user interaction
  • Stop autoplay on last. If enabled the autoplay stop on the last item.
  • Reverse autoplay: reverse the autoplay direction
  • Enable keyboard scroll:  Enables the keyboard scroll and touchpad scroll
  • Enable mouse scroll: Scrolling mouse results in a scrolling carousel
  • Enables pagination: enables the pagination: dots, bar, and number
  • Enable the arrow navigation :
  • Next and prev arrow can be customized individually
  • Vertical alignment: vertically align the arrow
  • Horizontal alignment: Horizontally align the arrow
  • Arrow Margin: Set the arrow Margin
  • Background: set the background for the arrow
  • Icon Color: Set the icon color
  • Icon thickness: Set the icon thickness
  • Icon Code: Enter font awesome code, Get more codes here:
  • Enable scroll bar: Enables the scrollbar in the bottom
  • Enable lazyload: Enables the lazy loading of images field type