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Type Ordering and Filtering

Type, Order & Filtering Select the Post Types to retrieve the grid contents from. Support selection of multiple post types. The status of the post. Multiple Status allowed. Displays the password protected posts This can be used to show specific posts from an author or multiple authors. Add comma separated author IDs to display posts. To exclude any specific author put a negative sign in front of the id Plugins like Reveal ID, Catch ID  can be used to get the author ID  : https://wordpress.org/plugins/reveal-ids-for-wp-admin-25/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/catch-ids/ Ascending Descending Available options : 'none' [...]

Field Type Typography

Use it set the typography for the field types. Note a field type is used more than once then use the CSS to target the unique class set in the field type. Following things can be changed. Size Weight Transform Style Decoration Line-height Letter Spacing

Carousel Controls

Use this block to decide the carousel control methods. Carousel Width: Sets the width, recommended not change it. Carousel Height: Sets the height, recommended not to change it.  if vertical slides are used then set it to a fixed 'px' value. Center Slides: Centers the slides on the view Offset before: If there is a lot of space added between slides use this to fix cutout portion Offset after: If there is a lot of space added between slides use this to fix cutout portion Enable Grab Cursor: Changes the arrow cursor to hand cursor Enable loop: Enables the loop Effect: [...]

Carousel Designer

Use this block to design the carousel box. Number of posts to load: Number of posts to load Column count in Desktop Devices, Tablet, and mobile: Set the slide visibility based on devices  Spacing: Set the gap. Responsive settings available Make carousel clickable: Links the slides to the actual post. Align Content: If the minimum height is set you can align the content to top, middle or bottom Carousel minimum height. Set the minimum height for the carousel Inner Carousel - Make Featured image as background: Sets the featured image as the background Background for carousel. Set the background color [...]

Field Types

Title Title Text Color: Set the text color Title Background Color: Set the background for the title Title Position Type: Relative and Absolute. Title Position: Set the position for the absolute position type Title Padding: Set the title padding Title Margin: Set the title margin Border-radius: Set the border-radius for the title container Title alignment: Set the title alignment Left, Center and Right Entrance Animation: Set the entrance animation on page load Title Hover Animation:  Set the animation on hovering Class: Set the class. This can be used to assign a unique class to the container and modify it with [...]