WordPress Speed Improvement2019-05-12T19:22:12+05:30

Got a slow WordPress Website? Geeky Green Owl can help!

Guaranteed score of 90%+ on GTMetrix’s PageSpeed benchmark.
Go to https://gtmetrix.com/ and just enter your website URL. Slow WordPress website?

It’s very important to keep the website optimized otherwise you will lose customers, leads and more importantly SEO.

Workflow :

  1. Staging Website Creation – Make sure your hosting provides a subdomain -Not applicable to Basic Package
  2. Image Optimisation – Resize, Lossless optimization
  3. Video Optimisation
  4. Leverage browser Cache
  5. Remove Query Strings
  6. Lazy Loading Images
  7. CSS minification
  8. Javascript Minification
  9. Deferring
  10. Database optimization
  11. Staging to live after confirmation

GeekyOwl will give your website a page speed of 90% and up. If failed GeekyOwl will refund all your money. So no worries.

GeekyOwl value your business!

Do you optimize all the pages?2019-05-12T17:20:05+05:30

This service is applicable only to the homepage. For additional pages, please contact. 80% of the task effect entire website pages but image optimization and video optimization will be done only done for the home page.

Do you optimize the WordPress images?2019-05-12T17:20:31+05:30

Yes, We do optimize all the WordPress images

How much loading time i will get?Is it 5sec? 8sec?2019-05-12T17:20:38+05:30

I get this a lot! It totally depends on how much content you have on the page. I can’t predict it but one thing that can I assure that I will be lowest that website can have. Just make a blank page it will have a 0 second loading time ;)

Why not a 5$ service?2019-05-12T17:20:44+05:30

Well, with my experience I have seen a lot of websites breaking, losing leads and losing dynamic functionalities because of doing things without proper testing and doing it in a short time. It’s will be a more professional service to go for! Up to you.

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

If GeekyOwl can't fix the issue or you are not satisfied with the work we will refund all the money so zero worries on that.